Middle Schools



In order to keep our students, staff, families, and community healthy we are

asking the following safety precautions be used throughout camp for all stu-
dents and staff. The teaching staff feel that these precautions will be effective
in letting us live, learn, and enjoy our time together safely.

Safety Measures

1. Students will enter door J for check in and exit door I.

2. Students will wear face masks when entering/exiting the school and in hallways.

3. Students will use provided hand sanitizer upon entering the building and after

4. Students will refrain from bringing food or drinks other than water into the build-
ing unless medically necessary. Water fountains will not be available during camp

so students may bring water into the building as long as bottles are disposed of in
the garbage before they leave.

5. Use the restroom at home before arriving to class to reduce restroom traffic dur-
ing your 1 hour session.

6. Students and staff will maintain social distancing while in the building.

7. Please do not send students to camp classes if they are feeling ill, have been
around someone who has been ill, or if they have a temperature.

8. Students will avoid touching their face and surfaces in the building such as
doors and walls.

9. Parent questions and concerns should be made via email directly to your
child’s band director rather than coming into the building.

10.Please follow the building & traffic directions.