Tribe Terrace Brick


Show Your Pride by commemorating the past, memorializing the present, or welcoming the future!

As plans were being made for the terrace area in the new LCHS football stadium, one thing resounded – this project belongs to the whole LCHS community. That includes those who have graduated, coached or are coaching now, students and families in our feeder schools, current teachers or past teachers, and all of the people past and present who are and were a part of the three communities that make up Lake Central High School.

The terrace areas are located on both sides of the upper bleachers. Bricks are currently being placed in the South Tribe Terrace. As sales continue and this area fills, bricks will be placed in the North Tribe Terrace. These will be used as common areas for students to tailgate prior to home football games and for clubs and other booster groups to peddle mementos at future graduation ceremonies, band competitions, track meets, and other performances.

In addition to your Tribe Terrace brick, you can support a sport, club, organization, or school with a donation that will be made in your name toward the entities of your choice.


Because bricks are engraved on site, there has to be a minimum order of total brick sales before the engraver can come out. In addition, brick engraving is also weather-dependent. When minimums are met and weather permits, your brick will be placed in the stadium. We cannot guarantee a date.